Lake Ripley Park

In 1946, the Cambridge Foundation took on the responsibility of maintaining the Lake Ripley Park. This is an 18 acre park that is located on the west shore of Lake Ripley and has been a beach for many years prior to the Foundation acquiring it. Over 60 years have passed since the Cambridge Foundation was honored with the care of the Park. There have been many various improvements and changes to the park during the years that the foundation has been responsible for maintenance of the Park.

This beautiful park has something for everyone! Bring your family and friends to the park and enjoy a day at the beach. Ripley Park is home to two tennis courts, a basketball court, a children's play structure, volleyball courts, and much more. Also available is an on-site bathhouse with showers. Don't forget to stop by the Ripley Park concession stand to check out our many new items - including Slush Puppies and nachos!

A short excerpt from the August, 1992 issue of Ford Times magazine:

"That's why my favorite beach is at Lake Ripley in south-central Wisconsin. A voyage to Cozumel required advance planning - not to mention money - but Lake Ripley is so close to home that I can throw on my swim trunks, hop in the car and be there in 20 minutes. Lake Ripley is a family place, and my brood has celebrated several high-water marks in Ripley's ripples. It was where my baby did her first splashing outside of the bathtub and where my older daughter learned to dive, using my shoulders as a platform. Lake Ripley means so much to me that, at times, I've felt married to the place."

To find out about on-going activities at Lake Ripley Park, check out the Cambridge Community Activies Program website today!